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Sound warning systems

Sound warning systems – speak out about it!

Human life and health come first – that’s obvious! Therefore, when there is or may be an imminent danger on the premises of a facility, reaction time, unambiguous information and proper organization of evacuation are important. In order to minimize possible risks, it is necessary to install a Voice Warning System (VAS) that will properly respond to a dangerous event in a timely manner.

Find out if your facility needs to install a DSO?

Some construction facilities – by law – must have a warning system set up. The issue of mandatory installation of the Voice Warning System is regulated by the Decree of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of June 7, 2010. On fire protection of buildings, other structures and areas. According to the aforementioned standard, the following types of facilities are subject to mandatory DSO equipment:

  • Single-story commercial or exhibition buildings with a fire zone area of more than 10,000 m2,
  • multi-story commercial or exhibition buildings with a fire zone area of more than 8,000 m2,
  • Auditoriums and sports halls exceeding 1,500 seats,
  • Cinemas and theaters exceeding 600 seats,
  • Hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing homes with a certain number of beds,
  • High-rise and high-rise public buildings,
  • Hotels and motels with more than 200 beds,
  • public housing buildings,
  • underground garages,
  • Metro (underground railroad) stations,
  • Train stations and ports designed to accommodate more than 500 people at a time.

Bestau guards the guarded!

We design Sound Warning Systems individually for each facility, keeping in mind the different specifics of buildings. This means that we give you the opportunity to direct automatic alarm messages to different zones of the building thanks to several public address zones. If necessary, we also provide the ability to communicate with the fire panel and/or direct connection to the fire department.

But that’s not all… You can use the implemented DSO solution not only as a medium to alert you to the detection of a threat, but also as a local sound system used for information, playing music, or broadcasting advertisements.

Remember that everything we do is created with you in mind, so – in addition to brand-name equipment – we will provide you with comprehensive customer service, offering: preparation of the system design, provision of installation materials, installation of wire routes, programming, system commissioning, control tests and operation training. We will talk about other forms of guarantees individually – over coffee.

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