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Friendly interrogation room for children

Friendly Children’s Interrogation Room. Audio-video technology in the service of ensuring the physical and psychological safety of the youngest.

For some time now, interrogations of children can only take place in specially prepared rooms also known as “blue rooms.” In order to enable the collection of quality reliable evidence, in addition to the friendly appearance of the premises room, the recording equipment installed and used is of importance.

The place of questioning plays a key role in getting consistent and reliable information from children. Psychologists are confident that a child-friendly room reduces the anxiety and helplessness that comes from participating in legal procedures.

The children’s friendly interrogation room is actually two interconnected rooms. The first guarantees that the interrogation will be conducted exclusively by the judge, accompanied by a psychologist, while other people (the prosecutor, the defendant’s lawyer) who are in a separate room can participate in the procedure. This capability is provided by direct transmission of the interrogation on the monitor screen and a wireless communication system between rooms.

We supply audio and video equipment used in “blue rooms”

In order to ensure that the needs of justice are met, we equip interrogation rooms with high-end technical solutions based on network solutions:

  • cameras recording images throughout the interrogation room, confirming who was directly involved in the interrogation,
  • Cameras recording individual child behavior (recording reactions, gestural movements, facial expressions),
  • microphones with processors that support their work, which are set up to record sound from anywhere in the room,
  • DVRs that allow recording transmissions on an SD card or USB flash drive.

The recording devices used are not hidden from the child in any way, and at the same time their appearance and colors are not distracting.

We equip the technical room

The technical room where the other participants in the interrogation are staying is also equipped with appropriate technical devices that allow direct observation of the course of the interrogation, and provide for FREE communication with the judge and the expert psychologist staying in the interrogation room.

In the technical room, we are installing equipment to record participants’ questions, speaker equipment to relay the signal from the interview room, and a microphone console.

All of the interrogation viewing and recording devices used provide high intelligibility of speech (sounds) and very good resolution of the recorded image, so that they can be presented/played back during the trial and provide evidence in the case.

To ensure high sound quality, we do not use devices that record in G.711 compression with a frequency response of up to 4kHz, as this is comparable to the quality of a telephone conversation on old analog telephones.

Mission – certification

We are confident in our solutions, which is why we guarantee that the equipment we select and install meets the rigorous standards for awarding the Friendly Hearing Room Certificate, and the quality of the audiovisual material obtained will allow the court proceedings to be conducted fairly.

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