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How to design a good audiovisual system for a conference room?

What is the key element? Is it the budget allocated by the investor? Will a projection screen on a tripod or hidden in the ceiling suffice for him? Or is the resolution of the projector most important?

Our secret to a well-designed audio-visual system (AV system) in a conference room is a design that the client will use with all its functionalities.

Designing a space that not only has an attractive appearance but provides the functionality required for different people is a difficult task that can only be achieved if the system designer, programmer and architect or interior designer work together with the user of the future system from the very beginning on the project.

At Bestau, we work together at every stage of the project, and the most important thing is to precisely define the client’s expectations.

The system designer, who is responsible for the initial selection of solutions and devices, technical specifications and cost estimation, technical designs and supervision of the AV installation, works closely with the programmer, who creates the control panel interface and integrates all selected audio video and other devices. Other work related to structures or the appearance of the conference room is handled by an architect and an interior designer.

Meeting rooms or conference rooms are mostly used by many people with different levels of familiarity and use of audiovisual equipment, so it is important to keep it simple. This does not mean that the latest advanced technologies should not be included. On the contrary, it is important to make the system’s functionalities available in a way that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

So at Bestau, we only use reliable technologies.

The most important element of a room or conference room is the control system. Ideally designed, it will be the primary and only tool for the conference room, as it is designed to control all AV equipment in the room from one simple interface. It should be easy to use, easy to operate and leave the user confident that the system will do what the user expects it to do at any given time. We work with many manufacturers of control systems such as: AMX, Cue, Crestron, Extron, RTI.
The devices that will be in the rack are not the most important. It can be equipped with the most modern and amazing technologies, but if the control interface is not intuitive and well-designed, users will not be able to access the full capabilities of the system.

The control system is designed to make it easy for users to create an environment perfectly suited to their requirements. A single button can be programmed to perform multiple functions simultaneously – such as dimming the lights, closing the blinds, selecting a specific input for the projector and lowering the projection screen when a presentation is to be shown from a computer, for example – pressing another button will return the audiovisual system to its original state.

Contact us and we will design an audiovisual system for your conference room!