Child-Friendly Interview Room

We are confident about our solutions so we guarantee that the selected equipment we have installed meets strict standards related to granting the Friendly Interrogation Room Certificate.
Child-friendly interview room

A child-friendly interview room.
Audio-video technology provides children with physical and psychological safety

Recently, children can be interviewed only in specially prepared rooms called the "blue rooms". In order to gather credible evidence of suitable quality, apart from a friendly room, the installed and used recording equipment is important.

The place where an interview is conducted plays a key role in obtaining coherent and credible information from children. Psychologists are certain that a child-friendly room reduces fear and helplessness resulting from participation in legal procedures.

In fact, a child-friendly interview room consists of two connecting rooms. One room ensures the interview is conducted only by a judge accompanied by a psychologist; simultaneously, other persons can participate in the procedure (prosecutor, the defendant's lawyer) who are in a separate room. Direct transmission of the course of the interview to the monitor screen and a system of wireless communication between the rooms make it possible. 

We provide audio-video equipment used in the "blue rooms"

In order to meet the needs of the judiciary, we equip interview rooms with high quality technical solutions based on network solutions: 

  • cameras recording images in the whole interview room, confirming who directly participated in the interview;
  • cameras recording child's individual behaviour (recording child's responses, movements, gesticulation, facial expression);
  • microphones with processors that support their operation, they are set in a way that allows to record sound from any part of the room;
  • recorders enable to save the transmission on an SD card or a USB flash drive.

The recording devices are not hidden from the child in any way and simultaneously their design and colour do not distract the child.

We equip the technical room

The technical room where other participants of the interview are is equipped with suitable technical devices which allow to directly observe the course of the interview and provide WIRELESS communication with the judge and a psychological expert witness in the interview room.

We install equipment for recording the participants’ questions in the technical room, as well as speaker devices transmitting the signal from the interview room and a microphone panel.

All devices for viewing and recording the course of the interview provide highly comprehensible speech (sounds) and a very good resolution of the recorded image so that it could be presented/played during a trial and could constitute evidence in the case.

In order to provide high quality sound, we do not use devices that record in G.711 compression with a bandwidth up to 4 kHz because this is a quality compared to the quality of a phone call in old analogue telephones.

Mission – certification

We are confident about our solutions so we guarantee that the selected equipment we have installed meets strict standards related to granting the Friendly Interrogation Room Certificate, and the quality of the obtained audio-visual material will allow to conduct a reliable enquiry.


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