We provide video conferencing devices that allow Full HD connections. All the multimedia equipment we offer, apart from perfect quality of video and audio, is easy to use and reliable.

Videoconferences - discover communication without barriers

We live in a global world where mobile solutions and the opportunities the Internet gives change the rules of conducting business activities. Today with videoconferences you can not only hold group meetings, business meetings, presentations or trainings. Today with technology you can be close to other people, regardless of the place and time, crossing another boundaries.

You can keep in touch...

The development of Internet technology – in particular increasingly faster connection (3G/4G) and global range – makes that videoconferences play a bigger and bigger role in:

  • telemedicine (medical history and diagnostic sessions, telepsychiatric observations, surgeries, etc.);
  • judiciary (in 2003 hearings at a distance obtained the status of evidence in proceedings led by law enforcement authorities and the judiciary);
  • marketing (customer service, live tutorials);
  • journalism (in particular in the era of social journalism);
  • education (online teaching and learning);
  • coaching and HR (trainings/online motivation meetings);

Quickly. Economically. Videoconference!

The video conferencing systems we offer give great communication opportunities. As a result you will gain:

  • more efficient use of time and money;
  • faster decision-making processes;
  • improvement of business relations;
  • development of communication at work in “scattered” teams;
  • immediate response to emergency situations.

Using tested videoconference solutions, you do not have to choose between the benefit of face to face relations and the quickness of organizing a meeting anymore!

Do you choose a regular conversation or a videoconference?

We provide video conferencing devices in Full HD, even if the parameters of the network are relatively low. We have tested solutions of well-known producers such as Polycom, Lifesize, and Sony. We can provide you with:

  • terminals;
  • devices for live streaming;
  • monitors and screens;
  • projectors;
  • peripherals.

All the multimedia equipment we offer, apart from perfect quality of video and audio, is easy to use and reliable. Shall we talk?


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