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Soundproofing of facilities

Soundproofing of facilities - take care of communication, take care of the mood....

The building objects represent a special value. They are distinguished by specific characteristics, such as general availability, high manufacturing and operating cost, durability and functional flexibility. In the context of equipping building facilities with sound equipment, the most important thing is to specify for what needs / to what extent the organized space will be used.

Where dedicated solutions have a decisive…

Shopping malls, supermarkets, sports facilities, conference halls, lecture halls, school halls, trade fair halls, factory and warehouse premises, hotels, restaurants, cafes, theaters, cinemas, air, bus or train terminals, hospital, social and welfare buildings, as well as churches and other religious buildings – all of these places have their own architectural peculiarities, which require a great deal of experience and knowledge of various departments of acoustics, electroacoustics and psychoacoustics when implementing a sound reinforcement project.

…there is no room for coincidence there

When preparing a building sound system project, we take into account the purpose of the facility/building every time. We also know the importance of publicity in creating a positive image of a place, so we are with you from project to… whenever you want. We follow a proven pattern: concept, installation, service.

1. concept
We meet to learn about the investor’s expectations and needs. We make a visual inspection of the building. We take the necessary measurements. We make an acoustic simulation. We determine the budget. We present the “idea for”, i.e.: a proposal for a technical solution, recommended equipment, later management. We agree on a deadline for implementation.

2. installation
We carry out the installation in person. We are fully responsible for the equipment, so we handle it with due respect… We use only brand-name equipment from companies such as Bosch, Shure, JBL, Sennheiser, Electro-Voice.

3. service
Since it’s all about functionality and pleasure, all the devices we offer are easy and pleasant “to work with.” After installation, we conduct control tests and suggest how to efficiently and effectively operate the installed equipment. We give everyone a 3-year warranty on the installation and provide pro-client after-sales service.

With Bestau you will hear more!

At Bestau, we combine cutting-edge solutions, excellent product quality and good energy in cooperation that can be felt at every step. With dozens of specialized implementations, we can say of ourselves that we have reached a master level of design and implementation of sound systems for facilities. Our domain is:

  • Design and implementation of public address infrastructure,
  • Providing traditional, modern and custom audio solutions,
  • Implementation of equipment: speakers, amplifiers, consoles, microphones, wireless sets with dynamic microphones, cabling, intercom sets.