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CCTV surveillance television

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) - a glimpse of security and more...

CCTV systems are an increasingly common tool used in public and private spaces. Thanks to advanced technology, modern design of video equipment and appropriate designs, the monitored place is not only better protected, but can also provide a lot of valuable information….

In the eye of the camera, you can see more…

Innovative monitoring is based on IT networks (wired and wireless). It is thanks to them and advanced cameras that you get great opportunities to build small, medium and large installations, the biggest advantages of which are the possibility of quick and inexpensive expansion, automation of work and possible voice contact thanks to intercom connectivity. The advantages of modern CCTV are appreciated by:

  • State institutions and offices (supervision, security control),
  • administrators of urban, municipal areas (supervision, safety control, facilitation of traffic direction),
  • Police and courts (interrogation recording systems),
  • Cultural institutions (galleries, museums, exhibitions),
  • Universities, schools (supervision and safety of students/students),
  • Sports and recreational facilities (supervision and security of events),
  • enterprise (supervision of employees and technological processes),
  • Medical facilities, health centers (patient supervision, staff safety),
  • Car showrooms, showrooms (property surveillance, security control),
  • Stores and shopping centers (supervision of property, security of personnel, analysis of consumer behavior, analysis of the course of promotions),
  • Parking lots (automatic license plate recognition, automation of infrastructure use),
  • Conference centers, hotels, resorts, guesthouses (image realization and presentation, security control, surveillance),
  • Developers (closed housing developments – security control, surveillance).

We keep an eye on everything

At Bestau, for many years we have been designing (taking into account the Policy of the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection (GIODO) in the context of the use of video surveillance) and manufacturing CCTV solutions, using advanced technical and hardware solutions from Bosch. We put at your disposal, among others: IP cameras, high-speed IP cameras, megapixel cameras, video servers, transcoders, etc. All the devices we use have the necessary approvals and certificates. What’s more, for completed installations we give as much as 1096 days warranty! Why so much? Because we are confident in our solutions.