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Simultaneous interpretation systems

Simultaneous interpretation systems - let's speak with one voice!

Simultaneous translation is a regular feature of multilingual conferences, congresses, deliberations, forums, seminars, shows, training sessions, business meetings, etc. Their organization requires not only excellent language skills, the ability to concentrate and divide the attention of the interpreter, but equally important is the selection of quality equipment to be used during the event.

Learn 3 features of a good organization of an event accompanied by simultaneous interpretation

If you are organizing an event where simultaneous interpretation will be performed, make sure that the interpreters are comfortable and the participants are happy. How?

  • First, invest in proven sound/simultaneous interpretation equipment. Hardware capabilities are key to guaranteeing the quality of communication between the speaker (and interpreter) and the audience.
  • Second, make sure there is eye contact between the interpreter and the speaker. This will enable the interpreter to verbally convey the emotions that the speaker is expressing.
  • Third, make an effort to provide the translator with the speakers’ materials. As a result, you will get even better translation quality and fluidity.

Discover Bestau’s recipe for successful simultaneous translation!

When it comes to providing proven simultaneous interpretation systems, we are unrivaled. We build our advantage by using digital equipment from Bosch, the world leader in conferencing solutions. At your request, we will deliver:

  • Simultaneous translation booths,
  • interpreter desks with microphones and headphones,
  • Central units that are the “center of the translation universe.”
  • Tour guide apparatus that allows for mobile translation,
  • Wireless, digital systems having the ability to translate into 32 languages,
  • public address apparatus,
  • receivers with headphones,
  • multiphones,
  • infrared illuminators that guarantee the security of the transmitted content,
  • Audio and video recorders to archive the event.


Organizing an event where simultaneous interpretation will be conducted is quite a challenge. It takes a lot of work and creative flair to master every detail, from the idea to the setting to the technical team – we at Bestau want to help you with the technical service!

We design, supply and personally install simultaneous interpreting system components that meet the highest reliability requirements, ensuring safe and efficient operation of interpreters. We are at your service!