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Tour Guide and Audio Guide Systems

Tour Guide and Audio Guide Systems,

popularly known today as Guides or Simultaneous Interpreters and Audioguides are gaining more and more users in Poland.

A large range of equipment makes it possible to choose the right set of devices for virtually any audience. Systems for guides or portable simultaneous interpretation systems, are used in many industries including. tourism, training, or translation in the broadest sense.

We offer a wide range of equipment from companies such as Flysound Technology Co, Ltd, Linkx, Imtraguide. Their products are known for their reliability, functionality and very attractive design. A typical tour guide system includesa wireless transmitter with a microphone and a number of wireless receivers. The conversations of the “Guide” or “Interpreter” are received by delegates, guests or visitors using wireless receivers, via headphones. Messages will reach listeners without having to shout and compete with, for example, noisy machines or interruptions, especially when they are translations. Visitors will hear every word clearly which means they are less likely to lose interest and will remember their experience positively.

TourGuide systems are portable and easy to use, which means they can be used anywhere to overcome background noise (e.g., a factory), the need for silence (e.g., a museum), to show visitors how a factory works, to make it easier for training staff to work with trainees, or to conduct health and safety training. Tour Guide systems are ideal solutions for any factory situation where it is important to convey information above the general background noise.
The multi-channel function allows multiple different tours or groups to be guided at the same time without disturbing each other. These are great devices for any guided group, indoors or outdoors, or even on a bus! Visitors can hear the guide without being distracted by traffic noise. The system also means the guide can talk to multiple people at the same time without shouting. It is especially convenient and recommended for the so-called “new”. sensitive areas, such as places of worship. Using tourguide systems as simultaneous interpreting systems, the interpreter can simply sit at the back of the room and whisper the interpretation into a microphone. Delegates who want to hear the translation take the receiver with them at the beginning of the meeting and listen from headphones. Tour Guide systems operate on different frequencies, which means that several different languages can be covered simultaneously.

Tour Guide systems have been developed for anyone who needs to use their voice for work.

  • For tour guides – will allow you to save your voice, even with prolonged use, there is no need to speak louder, because the signal is transmitted directly to the ears of tour participants. Discreet, unobtrusive, and in addition, thanks to headphones, each participant can fully focus on the information provided. In addition, the TourGuide systems allow them to be used in any place visited, whether in a church or while exploring a noisy city square.
  • For translators – with the ability to use multiple channels, translations in multiple languages will not be a problem. The TourGuide system is also an ideal solution for situations where it is not possible to use desktop interpreting systems. Thanks to the lightweight construction and high technical parameters, the systems we offer can be used even for a long time without fatigue.
  • For those conducting audiodescription – it is important to reach the entire group being conducted with the description. The solutions we offer are characterized by the high quality of the transmitted sound, which results in crystal clear listening without interference – so important for audiodescription.
  • For trainers – especially in manufacturing companies, where it is often a necessity to convey safety and regulatory information in the noisy environment of production machinery. In addition, thanks to full-duplex technology, two-way transmission of information is possible, and this ensures that all potential doubts about the conducted training will be resolved.