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Control systems

Learn about modern control systems. BE SMART!

Control systems and innovative information and communication technologies enhance comfort, security and allow control of virtually every device in and around the building from monitoring to blinds to multimedia.

Control systems in a smart building are responsible for many functions. They control burglar devices, air conditioning, lighting, open and close solar control systems, gates. But that’s not all… Control systems are dedicated to operating audio/video equipment gathered in a building/room. They are perfect as multi-room solutions for distributing music and videos from network drives and servers. They support multimedia projectors, projector elevators, electric screens, signal switches (switcher or signal matrix), players, VCRs, video conferencing systems, visualizers, etc.

Thanks to modern control systems, the use of electronics, multimedia systems or building automation is easy, convenient and extremely intuitive… and from there it’s only a step to absolute pleasure.

Choose applied SMARTology!

With automation, you will take control of your devices with the touch of a button on your LCD panel, iPad, iPod, iPhone, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device. The control system works with most web browsers.

Connections between the mobile device and the central control system are specially protected. In addition, the system can send an alert via SMS or e-mail about initiated activities or important events.

Bet on reliable solutions for business, training, event, home use

The central control system allows easy and user-friendly operation of equipment systems, whether they are in a conference room, training room, lecture hall, or at home.

With a view to complex installations in hotels, training and conference centers, educational institutions, apartments, single-family homes – wherever full control of multiple rooms is required, we additionally offer a range of controllers, controllers, sensors that form a comprehensive control system.

Thanks to this, from a special panel, remote control, computer, smartphone, you will be able to set any functionality or call up specific (pre-programmed) scenes – macros, to which specific functions and settings of controlled devices will be assigned. As a result, you will get a solution that, thanks to its faultlessness and intuitive operation, will allow years of trouble-free use, without the need to involve third parties (technicians, programmers, IT specialists, etc.).

Choose only proven solutions from proven brands

In the context of quality, we are uncompromising, so we only work with proven manufacturers who are innovators in their field. When implementing control systems for our customers, we use today’s best solutions, from companies: AMX, CUE, CRESTRON, EXTRON and RTI.