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Conference systems

Listen to the MICE industry. Discover the best conference systems

Did you know that the outlook for the Polish MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events) industry looks very favorable? From year to year there is a growing demand for venues that, with their qualities, cause an authentic conference WOW effect for meeting planners, as well as human relations or public relations specialists!

Where are we?

According to data from a report conducted in 2014 by the Poland Convention Bureau, 22,000 events were held in our country, such as congresses, conferences, business events, business travel, travel and incentive programs, trade fairs and other events of a promotional, informational or integrative nature. A total of more than 4 million participants took part in all the aforementioned events. In 2015, the statistics were even more impressive….

Where do we go from here?

How do we meet the growing needs of organizers and audiences? Above all, it is necessary to look ahead with trends, learn to forecast the needs of clients and predict in which direction the MICE industry will go. It is certainly worth investing in those features of a conference facility that will significantly increase its competitiveness, i.e.:

  • The possibility of any arrangement of rooms (properly planned suspension points),
  • Use of modern presentation technologies,
  • A good sound system / appropriate audio system,
  • Adequate technical infrastructure,
  • attractive entertainment facilities.

Sound matters. Take care of the publicity….

Effective communication is key to the success of any event. Good organization means perfection in preparation and excellence in execution. When thinking about equipping your available conference space with an audio system, consider what it should be like:

  • shape a positive image,
  • Was easy and convenient to use,
  • offered the possibility of maintenance from a single location,
  • corresponded to the size of the room served,
  • Was easy to install and remove,
  • met certain safety standards.

With Bestau you will hear more!

Bestau has been combining cutting-edge solutions, exemplary product and service quality (we are an authorized Bosch partner) and the good energy in cooperation that can be felt at every turn for 25 years. With a unique specialization , we remain the undisputed leader in the design and implementation of audio solutions in conference spaces. Our domain are:

  • Traditional, modern and custom audio solutions,
  • high-tech multimedia equipment,
  • Wireless systems using Wi-Fi technology and intelligent network management to guarantee seamless communication without cables,
  • Simultaneous interpretation system installations,
  • solutions supporting the archiving of conference proceedings, voting and registration of attendees – conference systems,
  • Professional, competent and experienced technicians who offer their knowledge, skills and a good word.