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miejscu, gdzie tradycja harmonizuje z przyszłością.

Jesteśmy tu, aby przenieść Twój projekt na wyższy poziom innowacji i funkcjonalności.
Cieszymy się, że jesteś razem z nami.

The beginnings of Bestau are a story of family tradition and heritage that have evolved over decades. Founded by industry enthusiasts, the company has been a home for innovation and quality. Today, with the vision of a new generation, it combines proven methods with modern trends.

As leaders in innovation, we constantly strive to improve our services to to meet the demands and aspirations of our clients. Our history is proof that the continuous pursuit of excellence leads to the creation of audiovisual solutions that define the future of the industry.




przenosimy projekty na wyższy poziom innowacji i funkcjonalności


inwestujemy w jakość, która idzie w parze z ciągłym dążeniem do doskonałości


z doświadczeniem budujemy przyszłość, nieustannie się rozwijając i podnosząc poprzeczkę w branży AV


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In close collaboration with leading brands such as AKG, Apart, Behringer, Biamp, Blackmagic Design, Bosch Security, Bose, Christie, Cloud Audio, Crestron, Crown, CUE, Dynacord, DBX, Epson, Extron, Hyundai, JBL, Klotz, Kramer, Legrand, LG, Lutron, Monacor, Optoma, Polycom, Proel, Rduch, Samsung, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony Professionals, SoundCraft, Tascam, TOA, Visaton, Yamaha, Qccess, QSC i wieloma innymi, dostarczamy szeroki wachlarz profesjonalnych rozwiązań audio-video. Our products meet the highest standards, responding to the advanced requirements of the business and public sector.



As a provider of comprehensive audiovisual solutions, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge technologies tailored to your needs. Our services include design and installation for new and retrofitted facilities, creation of unique custom equipment, and comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service.

For all devices in our range, Bestau holds relevant certificates confirming the quality of craftsmanship.

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When choosing equipment from Bestau, know that you will be surrounded by the right care and support. Regardless of your choice, you can be assured that the selected devices will serve you for a long time. Almost all of our offered devices come with a minimum 2-year warranty. If you want to discuss service, cooperation terms, etc., we encourage you to meet in the virtual world (via video conference, email) or in person over a good cup of coffee…