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Vision walls

Vision walls - because a picture says more than 1,000 words

Video walls (video wall/ VW) are an innovative communication tool used for large-format presentations. Their special advantage is their versatility in various installations, and this means that you can enjoy their capabilities both indoors and outdoors.

More possibilities than you might think…

Vision walls are widely used in many areas of professional information and communication, such as:

  • security screening centers,
  • industrial plant centers,
  • computer centers,
  • dispensaries,
  • traffic management and monitoring centers.

Video walls are an important element in marketing, event and digital signage systems. Their image capabilities are used during:

  • TV program production,
  • Implementation of advertising campaigns, events and business meetings, conferences, congresses, symposiums,
  • Creating shows, performances, concerts,
  • trade show booth construction,
  • duration of sports events.

Build your image in the LCD and LED climate

In our daily work, we use video walls that have different technological solutions. The first are the (currently most popular) modular LCD monitor systems, which, connected seamlessly, create a single image with excellent performance. It has the advantage of huge resolution, brightness, contrast and very rich functionality.

The second solution (currently the most innovative) is the LED wall system – LED, which are used when you are looking for screens that guarantee an impressive image with excellent display parameters – especially outdoors and in full sunlight. LED backlighting ensures uniform image exposure across the screen.

Everything you need can be found at Bestau….

At Bestau, you will find state-of-the-art LCD and LED screens in a variety of image diagonals. Their design allows them to be suspended or placed on special platforms. Importantly, we guarantee the ability to build vision walls of various custom formats and irregular shapes.

Depending on your needs, the wall can display several images on separate monitors or one consistent one over the whole. Thanks to the high quality and technology of the screens, the devices we offer are durable and resistant to changing weather conditions – including large temperature differences. At your request, we will configure the video wall in any aspect ratio.