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Digital Signage

Digital signage - learn about OOH solutions that really make an impression....

Digital signage (DS) is an effective and impressive OOH (out-of-home) communication tool that uses LED screens, LCD monitors, stands, kiosks, totems, so called “digital signage”. “walls”, projectors, interactive floors, allows you to display a variety of multimedia content – both informational and promotional or image-related – to passers-by, customers, clients.

Be with the right message…

Thanks to the use of special software, servers and access to the Internet, we can change the displayed information at any time, adjusting it to the current needs or specifics of the audience, also adding interactive content. The content displayed on the monitors is managed in several ways:

  • Playback directly from removable storage media placed in the player connected to the monitor,
  • Locally: using a computer located at the site of the displays,
  • Remotely: via LAN, Internet, GSM.

…In the right place at the right time!

No matter where we are or what we are doing, everyone around us is already accustomed to consuming available content on multiple devices. Today, two-way interaction of things (IoT) with the consumer is a kind of “a must have”, hence digital signange is successfully used by:

  • Offices and institutions serving the public, municipal / city offices, courts,
  • tourist information centers,
  • Museums, galleries, cinemas, theaters, universities, schools,
  • Conference centers, hotels, airports, train stations, bus stations,
  • Shopping malls, stores, service establishments and restaurants,
  • Retail, service and restaurant chains,
  • clubs and sports facilities,
  • medical facilities and hospitals,
  • Car dealerships, urban transportation,
  • Companies/corporations as a tool for internal communication and corporate identity,
  • Advertising agencies, event agencies, etc.

We’ll give you a sign…

The creative potential inherent in new technologies is enormous. Web Sockets, Beacons, HTML5, QR codes, Physical Web, URLs, along with 3/4G connectivity, offer outright limitless possibilities. At Bestau, you’ll find everything you need to create a professional digital signage campaign – from concept to execution. Don’t wait any longer! Bet on innovation. Communicate pictorially. Discover the power of Customer Experience.

What is digital signage and MagicINFO™ Cloud?

Now discover the benefits of MagicINFO™ Cloud and take your digital signage to the next level! It’s a solution that makes managing digital signage even easier. Full control over content from anywhere in the world. It’s like having a superpower in screen management!

Have you ever wondered how all those screens in shopping malls, airports and hotels are managed? That’s the magic of digital signage! Digital signage uses LCD screens, LED monitors or touch panels to convey visual and informational content.

The digital signage system consists of three main components:
Software: Manages, schedules and publishes content. It’s like a DJ who mixes content to make it always on point!
Hardware: Includes screens, media players, servers and cables. Without a solid foundation, even the best DJ will not play.
Content: Graphics, video, animation or interactive applications. This is our music – something that attracts attention and engages.

Digital Signage Benefits:

Increased brand visibility and promotion – your brand will be visible at every corner!
Providing up-to-date information – stay current.
Interaction and audience engagement – who doesn’t like a little interaction?
Improve internal communication – no more lost messages.
Increased efficiency and flexibility in content delivery – less stress, more success!

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