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Samsung MagicInfo Cloud

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MagicINFO Cloud – Professional Digital Signage Solutions from Samsung, available at BESTAU

Welcome to MagicINFO Cloud, our advanced digital signage platform based on Samsung’s MagicINFO™ technology. At BESTAU, we provide not only access to tools, but also comprehensive support in the implementation and operation of the system.

Comprehensive MagicINFO Cloud Platform for Every Business

Our MagicINFO Cloud solution enables both the creation, scheduling and management of digital content in real time. It is ideal for companies looking for effective ways to promote, communicate internally or customer engagement through digital signage.

MagicINFO Cloud Premium – Advanced Features for the Discerning.

MagicINFO Cloud Premium is an enhanced version of our platform that offers additional analytics and advanced content management options. It allows users to analyze display data in detail to help optimize ad campaigns and increase audience engagement.

MagicINFO Cloud is a solution designed to manage large networks of displays. Users can easily manage all aspects of the content on multiple devices, which is especially useful for extensive installations in places such as shopping malls, universities or corporate complexes.

MagicINFO Lite Cloud – Simple and Effective Solution for Smaller Businesses

For smaller enterprises that are starting out with digital signage, we offer MagicINFO Lite Cloud. It is a simplified version of our system that provides basic content management tools and is ideal for smaller installations.

Remote Control and Interactive Management

With remote access and interaction features, MagicINFO Cloud allows you to manage your content from anywhere in the world, a huge advantage in today’s fast-changing business environment. Users can monitor and modify content on the displays in real time, ensuring ongoing adaptation to market and audience needs.

Discover the Potential of MagicINFO Cloud

We encourage you to visit our website https://magicinfocloud.pl, where you will find detailed information about our products and services. Learn how MagicINFO Cloud can support your business in increasing its efficiency and visibility in the market. Contact us for a personalized consultation and quote tailored to your organization’s needs.

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