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Bosch Dicentis Wireless Conference System

Perfect for remote meetings.

During a pandemic, the need to meet and discuss important issues becomes even more necessary. Due to travel restrictions, many people have to join meetings remotely via Skype, Teams, Zoom or similar platforms. Bosch’s conferencing solutions can be easily linked to such applications, allowing participants to join a meeting from home while those in the room maintain a safe distance from each other.
In particular, when physical distance is required, the Bosch DICENTIS wireless conference system is the ideal solution. It optimizes speech intelligibility and meeting performance while providing maximum flexibility in system configuration, while enabling simple connection to third-party online communication platforms for remote participation.

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The remote solution allows easy integration of standard components into the Bosch conference system. The system makes it easier to attend meetings from home, for example, when travel is prohibited due to cost/time savings or other constraints.

The DICENTIS wireless conference solution provides maximum flexibility: with a wireless solution, you can simply rearrange seating in an existing conference room or even facilitate a meeting in a larger space (such as a Sports Hall) so that participants can keep their distance.

DICENTIS Wireless – overview of features

Standard WiFi technology
No audio interference
Participants’ devices have a touch screen
Intelligent wireless network management
Redundant wireless connectivity

We recommend using alcohol-soaked wipes (up to 90% isopropyl alcohol) to clean Bosch conference equipment, including touchscreen devices.
For added hygiene, we offer disposable foam microphone covers that can be used for all current Bosch microphones on the conference bracket. Microphone foams can be ordered as a spare part.

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